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Our passion for video storytelling and the creation of unique documentaries brought us to produce documentaries not only for TV  but also for individuals and companies.  Having your memories on video is a great way to keep a document of your family history. The process of developing and producing a private documentary is an exciting journey back into the history of your live. Private Documentaries are as well ideal for weddings. Why not show the  past of Bride and groom  with lots of funny interviews of there friends in an entertaining film of about 20 minutes length? You can be sure that the Wedding Guests will speak for years about it. For every film the  production begins with an initial meeting to discuss your ideas for the private video documentary.  Are there historical photos, films and documents?  On what locations do we have to film?  Who do we have to interview? What is the central theme of the documentary, what is the story.  From which angle should the story be told? Is there a narrator? We discuss with you all aspects of storytelling and develop the film so that it meets your visions. Every life story is unique.  Interviews and scenes of life communicate your values and triumphs to your descendents, your friends as well as to your clients and  your employees. Of course our private documentaries are produced on the same technical and aesthetic level as our TV-Productions. And the narrator of your personal story will be one of the leading voices in the industry. And the best: it does not cost you a fortune.
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